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Oh Em Gee

WHY are Snickers so damned addicting this time of year? I can't seem to STOP EATING THEM. (And I really must, I really really must... fortunately, Halloween will be over soon and all the bowls of candy will disappear for a while, anyway, from every corner of the office.)

Hopes and prayers for all my pals up in the path of "Frankenstorm Sandy" -- I've seen most folks posting so I know at least you had electricity as of yesterday evening.

Isidewith.com is kinda fun. I side with the Green Party candidate 91% of the time, and then Obama at 85%, so at least I know I'll be voting my conscience. (I side with Romney a big 37%.) That said, I can't wait until next Tuesday, if only because THE ADS WILL STOP. The Jeff Flake/Richard Carmona race here in Arizona is making my brain threaten to explode.

Long cat is Long:

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