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Caturday is Here

And our cat is insane. He's been running back and forth like a mad thing all morning (including when he escaped and ran about madly in the yard until he was captured and returned to the house for more mad dashing about (during the outdoor excursion, he went under the truck and got oil all over his head, which is very noticeable with a pale-colored cat--I'm tempted to try the dreaded B-A-T-H).

My muscles are all sore, which I am attributing to finally getting back to weight training in the gym this week. Although I really didn't do a whole lot, it was enough, apparently, and therefore shoulders and back are stiff. Still got up and took an easy walk this morning (no mountain climbing with Barb's knee being so iffy), and now we're just lazing about, although I did take some time and wash the cat snot off the windows.

I should boil down that sugar pumpkin. And then decide what to make with said pumpkin... Something savory, or sweet? Been pondering that for a while... (I found a really awesome looking pumpkin risotto recipe, but it's rather labor-intensive.)

In re-reading Lord of the Rings on Kindle, I realized one tiny problem -- it's hard to access the MAP when reading the Kindle edition (possible, but difficult... plus, it's tiny on a little screen) -- and I can't think of a single time I didn't constantly reference the map while reading it, so I still had to pull down a paper edition to cross-reference. Sometimes I forget how truly wonderful this book is, and how much it's influenced my life, my writing, and my general outlook. The movies are really nifty and were pretty good adaptations (I do have some gripes about the alterations to Aragorn's story), but the book still blows 'em away.

I am wondering how Jackson has managed to stretch The Hobbit into three whole movies, though.
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