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It completely drives me crazy

When something I came to love and NEED no longer exists because they stopped making it. (And now I can't seem to remember what it was I loved and needed so much I wanted to post that, but seriously. It happens ALL. THE. TIME.)

This week went flying by at the speed of light. I've been shoving Fun Size Snickers down my neck as though they were the food of life but at least I've honestly been working out again.

I'm curious to see if "Life of Pi" makes a better movie than it did a book (I'm completely over mainstream fiction that doesn't end or resolve, just STOPS).

Someone flipped a switch and it's suddenly quite chilly here (read: WOW, it's COLD... for us!). I almost wanted a jacket this morning on the way to the gym.

The best political ads in Phoenix:

Our new hibiscus, all in bloom:

Doggie smile:

The "down" arrow key on my laptop keyboard has snapped off and it won't snap back on. I may have to get a USB keyboard, because I sure can't afford a new computer any time soon.
Tags: brain is dying, pictures, random stuff
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