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Sunday at Home

It's nice to be back. Dallas was very gloomy, whereas Phoenix has reached the time of year when it's great to live here -- cool, clear evenings; warm, bright sunny days with crisp breezes; evenings at the Tiki bar with a nice fire and the grill, generally yay.

So just have been hanging out, doing daily chores. We got up this morning and did some yard work, planting flowers and cutting dead wood off the trees, chopping cactus, etc., etc. Made a couple of trips to Ace Hardware for tiki torch fuel and a pruning saw (we had three, we can't find any of them).

I had a craving for plain, ordinary orange sherbet, but in this world of Different New Interesting Bizarre Unusual flavors, all they had was Blood Orange Sherbet. Which is nice (very pleasant, in fact), but it's not what my mouth wanted. Actually, what I REALLY want is Swenson's Swiss Chocolate Orange, but that's surpassingly hard to find unless you have an actual Swenson's around.

Dug out the Halloween decorations, got all the outdoor ones put up and am contemplating where to put all the indoor ones on the new furniture. My Spooky Town houses need to find a spot. I think I might take down the cookbooks and put them away and use those shelves. But at the moment, I feel like just not doing anything at all but sitting here because of all the activity this morning.

Not liking the new Live Journal changes. Where's the "preview"? Post to...? Hmmmm.

I still haven't listened to the "Epilogue" recorded by Arthur Darvill, the official canon farewell to Brian, but I feel it keenly that I wrote it first. nightmaresaloon
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