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Last Day, at Last

Today we FINALLY went out for Texas BBQ! We went to a place called Hard Eight, which was very good, but not the best I've ever had -- and I have to admit, I was rather disappointed in the choice of music in a Texas Roadhouse BBQ joint-- plain Nashville pop, the usual boring crap. I'd been lead to believe that in Texas, Texas music was king. Maybe that's only in Austin (pouts). I wanted to hear Joe Ely or Robert Earle Keen over the speakers, not Toby Keith and Taylor Swift.

Anyway, the work is done and I head home tomorrow. I'm eager to be there, I miss my cats and my wife and even the dog (not necessarily in that order, sweetie! :) ).

After the Midday Meal of Tasty Meats (I had some smoked turkey, a few ribs, and a little sausage) I went down this evening to the "Social" and filled up my plate with salad. I don't recommend Banquet brand's "spaghetti and meatballs." No flavor at all. I'm glad I went down for the salad. They had a nice complimentary Chardonnay, too.

I guess I'll watch the Veep debate. I only hope Ryan doesn't run roughshod over poor ol' Joe.
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