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So it is I Reach Day Four

So I'm guessing that "The Neighbors" will run for ten or twelve seasons, because IT SUCKS LIKE A SUCKING THING, SUCKING THE LIFE OUT OF MY BRAIN.

It's nestled there between "The Middle" (decent) and "Modern Family" (awesome), so it's even been given the primo seat to assure this lasting quality. My God, it's horrible. (And they stole the "giving the aliens famous names" joke from Alien Nation. Ye ghods.)

Today we ate at Whataburger. *sigh* Well, I'm not one of the supervisors, THEY went out for a nice meal. I ate the rest of my sandwich (made with ingredients from Trader Joe's) for dinner. At least the Moscato they had at Wal-Mart is pretty good.

Did nothing today, outside of work. I feel better, somewhat; slept in and fortunately since I'm with a supervisor it was okay we were late for work, I suppose. (I can't help but note that things are WAY more relaxed here than they are in our shop!)

I fell asleep last night during NCIS -- went from them arriving at the rock guy's place to everyone telling Ducky "Good case!" then tried to stay awake for NCIS: Los Angeles but drifted off again and woke up during Vegas long enough to turn off the TV and the lights and really go to sleep.

My goodness, I'm boring.

I submitted my manuscript for "The Long Way Home" to Harper-Voyager, who are accepting unsolicited manuscripts this month. *crossed fingers* I wish "Ring of Fire" was in a shape to be submitted, but alas, it's not. (I started putting the sub-plot back into it, because really, with it pulled, it's not RIGHT...)

I'm so glad I get paid for Friday and all I have to do is fly home...
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