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First Day in Dallas

Flight was uneventful -- I walked right through Security and sat down to read for a while, got on the plane (I haven't flown anything but Southwest for a while -- it's strange having an assigned seat), nothing too exciting. Good tail wind, we made good time. Got here about 2:30 and discovered IT'S FREAKING COLD. And because I had looked at the forecast and thought it was only going to be that cold at night, I didn't have to worry about warm clothes. MISTAKE. My single cardigan may not be sufficient, especially if it's going to be 51 degrees and rainy every day... but the last thing in the world I need is yet another freaking jacket -- I have more coats than anyone who lives in Phoenix should have, including a brand-new one I got for my birthday.

I'm in a nice little "studio suite," which is a room with a tiny kitchen, so we went to the grocery store (I really feel sorry for people who have no other choice but Wal-Mart; politics aside, it has a crap selection of almost everything I like to eat--only cheap-ass beer, cheap-ass cheese--not even Tillamook--apparently only the top-name {read: boring} brands, nothing unusual or interesting; I'm glad for at least Diet Coke). I fortunately brought my own green tea.

And then my first meal in Texas: Sonic. Livin' the high life.
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