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More of the Weekend, "Interesting Times"

I can't believe when I wrapped up the week I forgot to mention -- when we went to get Barb's mom's shopping list, her street was filled with police cars and the Crime Scene Investigation van and the Mobile Crime Scene Unit, and her neighbor's house was all wrapped up with yellow crime scene tape. Went inside, and Mom didn't know a thing about it -- although she remembered hearing a rapid "pop pop pop pop" around six in the morning. We came home and found this story -- the house in the picture is her next-door-neighbor, and you can see the corner of her house there on the right.


I wanted to ask someone there what was happening, figuring we did have a valid reason for asking, as we have an elderly relative living there alone, but never actually saw anyone except one investigator who came out of the house and then went back in without pausing.

Wil Wheaton's dented ping-pong ball is apparently selling for $1,135.
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