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And Then Came The Rain

The central Phoenix area was hit by a freak monsoon storm of the sort we haven't seen in some time -- over an inch of rain fell in approximately fifteen minutes, and poor little Idris bravely brought me home via the Osborn River up 28th Street Stream, despite the fact that I think the water was up over her wheel wells! I had to apologize to her for wishing I was driving the truck!

I love Michelle Obama. That is all.

I liked it. A lot. Okay, that goes without saying, I suppose, I gush a bit over Doctor Eleven and the new episodes, but really -- this was a good 'un. Like a lot of fans I'm a little worn out on Daleks, but leave it to Mr. Moffat to make it all new again -- he's been cleverly rebooting Doctor Who without actually doing a reboot, what with now half the universe thinking the Doctor's dead, and the Daleks having their hive memory wiped, and what's next?

I'm eager to see what he crafts to bring Oswin Oswald back from the dead -- I mean, the new companion can't be Oswin herself -- she doesn't really exist anymore (although Barb thinks it would be awesome to actually have the Dalek Oswin as the companion -- talk about a twist!). But will she be a clone? A copy? An earlier version of herself? A relative, much like Martha was the identical cousin of Adeola, who died tragically at the hands of the Cybermen in Army of Ghosts? Or something/someone else entirely?

We watched the shorts Pond Life before the episode, so we knew Rory and Amy were having problems -- just didn't know what until the climax. Silly fight, I'm glad they worked it out. Marvelous, marvelous companions, the both of them.

Which makes me wonder anew at the nasty commentary I still occasionally see directed at Amy. I don't understand why, especially when the same people appeared to have liked Rose. The two characters really aren't all that different -- working class girls who were decidedly not living up to their own potential but with a lot of courage and smarts and a desire for more in their lives. They both had dead-end jobs, good boyfriends, an ordinary, decent life.

Amy had the different background, coming from the weird shattered life she'd lived, the folded and folding timelines and the crack in the wall and her Raggedy Man -- she had one timeline without parents, one with; she proved to be resourceful and resilient, and despite having her family torn apart with the her daughter, she still stands strong. I have to admit that when coming to the end of her story, and looking back at the end of Rose's, I have to say I prefer Amy, who didn't let go of anything she cared about to go with the Doctor, but instead demanded it all, including loving the Doctor without being "in love" with him, loving the adventure and still loving a life apart from it, in the "real world," being insecure enough to "let go" of Rory because she believed he wanted children more than he wants her, and smart enough to know she definitely made the wrong choice there. The Amy we saw in the possible future, the one who held on until she couldn't hold on anymore, the Girl Who Waited, there was still some part of her that may have been willing to forgive -- and was definitely willing to sacrifice.

And Rory! Rory the Roman, Rory the stalwart, Rory the AWESOME -- I see so many people think he started out as just a nebbish, the joke "death of the week," who really was, all along, solid and strong and brave and SMART. Also never willing to give up, and boy, is this the guy who knows what it is to wait for something. (I don't compare Rory and Mickey, although it does seem to me there's a similarity there, too--both were dragged along with the Doctor into these wild adventures, pulled out of their comfort zones, and turned into heroes.)

Amy and Rory together have been wonderful companions and I'll miss them, but I hope and pray they get a good sendoff -- and I hope that tiny clip of Amy saying "I think it's time we stop this" means they are going to get to live Happily Ever After. They deserve it.

I probably wouldn't be so hard on Rose if her story HAD ended in Doomsday -- bringing her back the way he did RTD did exactly what he claimed he COULDN'T do in Torchwood with Ianto. He should have left those doors closed.
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