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What I Am Thinking Now

New Doctor seems like an all right guy. He's just as quick and sharp as Dr. Johnson was, and he kinda looks like Raj (BBT). Pleasant fellow. He doesn't yet do full-on "well woman" exams, so I didn't get a pap; I'll have to schedule that with the nurse practitioner later. Will get the test results later (blood, fluids, EKG). Overall, I seem to be good, BP 106/90. Did NOT pass out with blood test, but did get the cold sweats, so was glad I was laying down.

I bought myself some more vinyl cutouts for my car, mostly to support the guy who makes them, since he got chased off eBay for selling Doctor Who stickers. (Okay, MAYBE the logos are a bit suspect, but really, the shape of the police box, while iconic, is fair game.) He also has just some nifty ones, animals and bands and the like. Plus, he's got super customer service. /plug

Rain. Lots and lots and lots of rain. This is new and wonderful here, although the closeness of the storm last night (thunder was rolling the house) meant two cats and a dog wanted to be VERY CLOSE to us. I didn't get up as early as I wanted to, but wasn't too tired at work today (plus, I was leaving early for the doctor's appointment, so the day went quickly).

I stopped at Costco to have them look at my tires -- the "tire low" indicator came on again, and they filled it and checked them for me. He said my indicator must be REALLY sensitive, since the tire was only a few pounds down, but it's good to know it might be leaking, since they refilled it when I had the oil changed a few weeks back. I have to call the dealership, anyway, since I got another reminder notice from them. While wasting my lunch hour at Costco before going to my doctor's appointment, I bought some nommy rolls for tonight's burgers and another bottle of my favorite wine, which I determined I will pick up a bottle of every time I'm there as long as they're carrying it. (It's Mondoro Asti, for those interested -- I did a post about it some years ago when I found it at Trader Joe's, but they, like Basha's, stopped carrying it. I found it online, but it was expensive that way, so when it's local, YAY.)

I was looking for that old post. I couldn't find it, but was reading some fascinating things about myself from many years ago...
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