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Thank You!

To everyone for the happy birthdays, the cards, and the warm fuzzy thoughts! **hugs**

My crew brought goodies, so we had a nice treat-filled day, and I even behaved myself and just tried a few lovely things and didn't overdo.

This week I finally got in gear and called my doctor to set an appointment for a physical, and found out he's no longer in family practice, but is a consulting specialist now and it would cost me mega bucks to consult with him! So I made an appointment with the doctor in his office that took his patients (I'll admit it's been a while since I was last in the office, but I'd think they would have told the regular patients -- even a freakin' postcard). But I have an appointment now, and we shall see if I like this new guy.

Oddly, when I Google my doctor to find out what KIND of consulting work he's doing now (I could barely hear the receptionist when I called), I see he gets frightfully bad reviews on these sites. Weird. I've been seeing him since the mid-90's and have never had a problem (certainly not of the kind I see here).
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