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Second Verse, Same as the First

Well, not exactly the same, because I can NEVER write the same thing twice and besides, it's no longer 88 degrees in Phoenix, which it was when I wrote it the first time. (This morning was 88F temperature with 61% humidity; now it is 98F with 35% humidity--odd, since the sky is now blackening.)

Okay, Friday morning I got dressed and headed out early because I was taking advantage of the "voluntary overtime" for August (and boy, do I need the money), and was greeted at the front door with pouring rain. So I found my umbrella and went out, but realized that the way the truck is parked, I had to wiggle in and then try and close the umbrella to get it past the truck. I was juggling my purse and my lunch bag, trying to close the umbrella (one of those spring-loaded ones), and I banged into the truck's side-view mirror, stumbled on the brick edging of the drive, then had that moment of "oh, shit, I'm falling" trying to catch myself even though my hands were full as I hit the soft canvas side of the carport and landed on the wet ground.

My capris were white, and I thought "Now I have to change," although I was running a little late; still, I went to the car, dumped everything inside, took the umbrella and headed back to the house. I got the porch and realized my house keys were now in the car with my purse. With a sigh, I gave up, went back, pulled my fortunately tunic-length tee down over my butt, and went to work.

When the dirt dried it brushed off pretty easily and I was presentable, at least. I'm glad I wore deck shoes instead of sandals, AND I'm not sure exactly how it happened, but I have a bruise on my knee, which I have no recollection of hitting.

Let's see, what else did I ponder? I mentioned the fried chicken I'm going to make for dinner, which is still sitting in the buttermilk per Alton Brown. I finished making chocolate pound cake and that's cooling on the table. Barb cut up nice fresh green beans. Now I'm hungry.

My Tivo told me this episode of Craig Ferguson aired Monday night was "new," and I expected it to be the first show in his new studio, but it's an episode I'm SURE I watched months ago, with Jeff Daniels and author John Irving (who is a quiet, quiet man, making him a tough interview). Either this is NOT in fact a new episode, or I was viewing the future then.

On to the next episode, also which says it's "new," and it's the one that followed the previous one, which Barb and I KNOW we saw already, and it wasn't this week. Tivo even says it aired originally on 08/14. I'm really freaking confused.

I realized I hadn't said anything about how awesome The Bloggess was last week -- she was. It was excruciatingly hot that day, and a fierce dust storm blew in just as we arrived there (the "haboob" wall of dust style); the book store cranked the air down as far as they could, but it just barely helped with the enormous crush of people that probably was violating the fire code by being there, and Jenny was sweet and delightful and fun; she read a chapter of her book and then signed everything and anything every single person put in front of her. If she comes through your city, I highly recommend going to see her!
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