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Thoughts for the week

Week? How do people manage to keep up with these things? No wonder I never kept a written journal reliably. :)

Thursday was my birthday. I proudly told anyone who made references to age exactly how old I am (39). The women in my unit are weird about that. One in particular, who is over 50 but has always acted about 17 always says about how bad it is over 50. Heck, if I have that much spark and energy when I'm over 50, COOL, I say.

I gave myself (with some help from my mother) a CD labelmaker. I had a lot of fun playing with that yesterday. Photoshop rocks. I wish I could make it sing and dance like Barb can, but I get there a little at a time.

Enjoy this site: http://www.whitehouse.org/index.asp It's funny.

I haven't yet seen what season of Buffy I am. Considering my mood swings the last few days, I'd bet Season 6. But I could get lucky. I haven't written much further on my Buffy story; got a little of the writer's blockage, but realized how to fix it on the way home. Now I hope I can remember what I thought of while driving 75 on the freeway with no way of taking notes.

Why are corporations so stupid when the individuals who run them appear to be intelligent? What is it about these people that when you lump them into a group called "Management" they turn into raving lunatics? (No offense to anyone who might BE in management...)

I finished 7 reviews this week. Hoorah for me.

Oh, cool. I'm Season 3. :) I can live with that.

season 03
Season Three - A lot of people say that you're the
best, and who could really argue - you're
pretty, witty, and you've got one of Buffy's
best adversaries: the Mayor. Pound for pound,
you're why so many people love Buffy.

Which Season of Buffy the Vampire Slayer Are You?
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