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Bloggess Saturday

We're going to see the Bloggess tonight at Changing Hands, whee!

Right now I'm cleaning the oven, watching more Fringe, and researching the fact that I probably have tennis elbow and I should try to avoid so much computer work. Blah. So I'm wearing a brace right now and I took Tylenol and I STILL haven't scheduled my physical.

In the meanwhile, it HURTS. Mostly when I straighten my arm after it's been still a while, or when I move to pick something up (gripping), and all the articles I'm reading indicate tennis elbow (yes, Internet diagnosis).

President Who.

Not to jinx myself, but I THINK I've lost 16 pounds since I started the low-carb thing June 25. (I say I "think" because it's been so hard lately to keep it off.)
Tags: caturday, health, weight
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