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And so, just a few months after Davy Jones passes away, Michael Nesmith announces on Facebook that he will join Micky and Peter for a 12-city tour this winter. Mmmmm.

Unfortunately, they will NOT be comin' to our town, the closest they will be to us is the Greek Theatre in Los Angeles (where Barb and I saw all four of them in 1988), on November 10th. I doubt we'll be able to afford it, although I wish we could -- that was a great, great show. And to see Michael Nesmith again? *sigh*

I listened to this story yesterday, and this man scares the HELL out of me. Because it IS possible to re-write history, take a look at Texas schools. And history will be determined by the winners, and we are headed for The Handmaiden's Tale. *shiver*
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