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In which I do a little following

I saw this one on evil_little_dog's journal:

1. Your name


2. All the places you’ve lived

Cheyenne, Wyoming; Zuni, New Mexico; Tucson, Arizona (several addresses there); Phoenix,
Arizona (three addresses).

3. Your first best friend

Her name was Susie, but she moved away when I was five and I don't remember much about her other than some pictures in the old albums.

4. Your childhood fears

Lightning, fire (although I couldn't explain why) -- my current phobias came along later, as I was assured by my parents that as a child I LOVED bugs. I always liked scary things and being scared, so my phobias have always been few.

5. What you were like in high school

Drama geek, fat chick, the weird one who hung out in the library, the outcast even in the choir.

6. Your favourite and least favourite subjects at school

English (all of it, Eng 101 to Journalism) my favorite, math my least.

7. Your first boyfriend or girlfriend

Not until college, and I'm embarrassed at having dated him even now. I ALMOST had a boyfriend in high school, but Mom said I couldn't go out until I was at least 16, and by the time I got there, no one was interested in the weird fat chick.

8. Your oldest hobby

Collecting bottles. Or writing (although I never really think of writing as a HOBBY -- it's life's blood).

9. Your sexuality


10. What you look for in a partner

It's all right here: rahirah -- impossible to resist.

11. Your kids, or your feelings about having kids

We only have the four-legged furry kind, and they're quite trying enough. We considered children, but the luxury of being a lesbian couple is never having to worry about an accident. We've talked about it, considered it, never had the money, and now frankly we're getting too old. I like kids, but I also enjoy giving them back to their parents.

12. Your pets, past and present

My first was a calico cat apparently named "Kitty" -- I only know her from pictures. We had numerous dogs, including Gretchen (dachshund), Lady (a collie/shepherd mix); Doc, Pete, and Joe were all basenjis, and I know there was at least one more, but I can't remember his name. Siamese cats included Bernard, Leroy, Kitty-cat (yeah, I know--we just never could fix a name on him, although Grandpa called him Nixon), and finally Lester. Then I moved out on my own and we had a cat named Wizard (also known as Ginsu), then tabby-cat Tom and flame-point Magnus; sweet little Whisper, a long-haired stray; a dreadful little mop dog named Carmichael; then Sinji (who turned out NOT to be part Basenji), Conan the Bone-Buryin', and more cats -- Russian Blue Dmitri (who vanished after a week), Russian Blue Damien, spotted cat Spencer, snowshoe mix Kojiki, the Once and Future Cat Silhouette, Sam the Wonder Dog, and Cairo, Churro, and Bo.

13. Foods you love and foods you hate

Sweets (chocolate candy, cakes, ice cream, cookies), roast turkey, Italian food, Thai food, Chinese, Sushi (most Japanese food, really) are my very favorites--then there's steak, mashed potatoes, fried chicken, biscuits & gravy, chicken-fried steak, waffles, eggs... food, really. The only things I really dislike are coffee, bananas, and bell peppers; I'm not a fan of "the weird stuff," mostly because I can't bring myself to try them (like tripe), but I have been willing to at least TRY.

14. What your life was like ten years ago?

Good heavens, not a whole lot different than they are now, only we didn't have our spiffy new kitchen and dining room; let's see, 2002? I hadn't started working on Ring of Fire just yet, although we were just getting started on the Vampire The Masquerade game that gave Sean Patrick life. I was still in Word Processing, but about to move over to CIOS. I started the year at about 230 calories and ended it at around 175 (more or less where I am now, somewhat above where I bottomed out at 160). I didn't have Tivo, but I DID have the Internet and this LiveJournal and this house, we had Silhouette and Cairo, and I was ten years younger.

15. How much alcohol do you drink

Right now I'm trying to avoid my usual intake of wine (see "trying to get back to 160 pounds"), but I enjoy mixed drinks when I'm out at dinner if we have the spare cash, and I love a bottle of wine some weekend nights (on a normal basis, maybe a glass or two in the evenings).

16. Your worst illness

Bronchial pneumonia, when I was in high school. We didn't know how serious my cough was until I started coughing up my dinner, then Mom finally took me to a doctor and he said I was dangerously contagious and probably had been for at least a week. Afterwards my lungs never had quite the same power, and allergies I never had before suddenly started showing up.

17. What you do at work

I'm a tech-specialist-in-consideration (in other words, waiting for the promotion that will pay me what I actually already do) in the imaging department of a large insurance company. I answer questions, lead the special handling team, and assist everyone.

18. A question or comment people should never make to you

Gay rights aren't civil rights.

19. The style of clothing you feel most comfortable in

Jeans and tee-shirt.

20. Whether you’re an extrovert or an introvert

Introvert who wishes she was an extrovert sometimes, but knows she just can't stand people so it would NEVER work.

21. Who you have a crush on

Neil Gaiman.

22. A friendship you lost

My college roommates just slipped away somewhere. I found one of them on Facebook, but he's in another country now and we don't have anything much in common now, but it's nice to know he's still around somewhere. The others? Gone. Jay and Meegan and Jeff and Lisa and Mike...

23. Three achievements you’re proud of

My writing (most of it, really, although Ring of Fire particularly)
My work (oh, and never tell me "only the mailroom," either)
Certainly I must have something else in my life to be proud of...

24. Your political views

Lefter than I thought I used to be, in this current climate. If things were more normal I'd say I was a left-leaning moderate, but since the 90's I seem to have become a raging liberal socialist.

25. Your religious beliefs

I think I've become Deist, more or less -- I believe in a god or gods, but I really don't believe in religion. Religion has caused far more strife in this world than done good, really, even with all the good some religions have done. That good is SO overshadowed by the evils done in their god's name... seriously. I'm sorry, but...

26. Your perfect night out

A nice dinner out and a movie with my wife, or a night in a honky-tonk listening to either Dale Watson or Dave Insley.

27. Whether you like to plan ahead or be spontaneous

Sometimes, depending.

28. What you look for in a friend

Humor, intelligence, understanding, and an ability to put up with ME.

29. Whether you’re a night owl or a morning lark

Depends on the day. Although I honestly can't stay up as late as I used to be able to (unless I can sleep all the next day).

30. How you would like people to remember you


Because I kept getting distracted, it's taken me about three hours to complete this.
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