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My blogging skillz suck

Another week shot by with barely a notice. It's August now. Where has this year gone?

I have lost 14 pounds in the month of July -- although, to be fair, this was the same 14 pounds I'd gained over the last year, so I'm not counting it as a victory yet. Not until I actually get back into the majority of my clothing.

All the nails on my right hand have, predictably, broken, so typing is now somewhat lopsided (easy and normal on the right, weird on the left); however, one of the main flaws with getting a manicure every two weeks is, inexpensive as this place is, it still costs money, and because overtime has eased back, I'm now seeing more "normal" paychecks, and with the personal loan AND car payment, means my nails will have to wait.

I am, however, right on time with my early Christmas shopping -- I already have a number of gifts. Go, me.

Have seen the trailer for the upcoming season of Doctor Who. I swear to God, Moffat had better not kill off the Ponds. Let them retire gracefully, like the majority of the Doctor's companions! JEEZ.

The Bloggess is coming to Phoenix! (Well, Tempe, really.) sillymagpie and I have our tickets, but they were already seating the "C" group, so we won't be too close. At least I'll be there. With my "Unicorn Success Club" t-shirt on.

I've known that Craig Ferguson is a class act for some time, but in catching up on old shows today, I saw the one that broadcast the day after the Colorado shootings -- he apologizes because the show was filmed the previous day, and his monologue was all about Batman. So he cut that monologue, refusing to broadcast it.

Have I mentioned how horrified I am of the possibility of a Romney presidency?

And while I'm on the subject of politics, some folks out there have said some eloquent things (notably emerybored and this amazing post), much better than I could say them (some writer I am), regarding the whole Chick-Fil-A thing. Yes, I've eaten there, and dammit, I really liked the food -- but then I found out about their stance, and while yes, it's perfectly fine for anyone to have the opinions they have, it's STILL hate speech and it STILL hurts and I don't need to support THEIR "free speech" any more than I have to do so for any white supremacist. I don't agree with them, will avoid them, and I'm sorry, anyone who is going there to "support free speech" is simply supporting hate. If you wish to "support free speech" like this, I expect to see you at the next National Socialist Party march waving a red-and-black flag.

On the "Some writer I am" comment -- I have managed to maybe write a whole paragraph on my ghost story. I hope I'm just in a fallow place gearing up for NaNo. Since the cruise is a week later this time, we shall see how I manage this -- especially since I will actually still BE AT SEA on November 30. I hope I can log in on December 1 to close it out.

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