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During the Doctor Who Panel

I sit comfortably in my own living room and read about all the questions and answers on Twitter, also viewing pictures. I can also stream highlights on Tivo. My, how things have changed! Maybe I don't have to be there live (and seriously, if ComicCon is SOLD OUT, I don't even want to think about how crowded it is, and how hard it must be to get INTO any of the popular panels -- good grief, the people who are there! The entire cast of Doctor Who alone, but I know Nathan Fillion and Zachary Levi are there, and the entire cast of Criminal Minds, and that's only who I've seen on Twitter -- ye gods).

But here we've moved on to Fringe Season 2. The more I watch this show the more astonished I become that John Noble has never won the Emmy for this role. And as good as he is in the early seasons, I know he steps it up when Walternate comes into the picture.

It's hot here. And by "hot," I mean it's practically jungle-steamy. Admittedly, it's only around 40% humidity, but that's high for us. Fortunately, today it's only 96, so it's not as bad as it was yesterday. We've had a lot of rain this monsoon season, which is REALLY good, after the last several years of "non-soons" we've been having.

I've had a couple of wonderful professional manicures the last couple of months, which has led to something I rarely have: fingernails. (Long for me means they're past the end of my fingertips.) I'm having trouble now with my typing, as I am not accustomed to HAVING fingernails when I type. How do people do it?

Everyone on Twitter seems to feel I'm lacking in iron, due to the fact that despite a good night's sleep or two, I was falling asleep yesterday almost every time I stopped moving. Not sure if I should take some supplements or not. Every time I've gone to the doctor with this problem of tired dragginess and exhaustion, my blood tests have always come back perfectly normal. I'm pretty sure I have tennis elbow caused by RSI, but that's just a self-diagnosis based on where the pain is and what makes it hurt more, but it definitely gets worse doing data entry at the office, where my desk is somewhat NOT ergonomic.
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