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July Blahs

This morning, at 4:50 am, the outdoor temperature (as gauged by the thermometer in Idris, which is an exterior temp gauge) was 92 degrees.

I thought about "sleeping in," but the cats and dog wouldn't let me, so I got up and went to the gym. Twice this week, woot. Perhaps I can keep this up.

Eleven pounds down. Still well above my goal, but getting somewhere.

If Republicans (and others) are so concerned about small businesses, why do people still shop at Wal-Mart?

One problem with Doctor Who books set in America, is the writers have to grind these out in such a hurry they neglect some simple research. I just can't picture a New York City policeman saying "Oi!" (And Macy's isn't on 5th Avenue, and you can't see the Central Park Lake from the Zoo, and...)

My Twitter account was hacked today, and nearly everyone I follow or who follows me got a stupid direct message with broken links (I had in fact gotten one from someone ELSE a few days ago). I had to change my password, and check through everything. Grrr.
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