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I Am Extremely Lazy

Watching Indiana Jones & The Last Crusade for the first time in many years. Flipped channels to Syfy and it was on, and I couldn't turn it off. Still awesome.

Just finished re-watching all of Merlin, S1 - S3; I managed to somehow miss S4 when SyFy broadcast it in January -- very annoying that Tivo will only let me record a show on a single channel, and right now I'm set to catch it on BBCA. I don't know when S4 is going to turn up on BBCA. I may have to figure out how to find it elsewhere, 'cause it's also not on DVD Region 1 yet, and S5 is going to be starting soon.

Also watching Fringe from the beginning -- I started watching it somewhere in the middle of S2, I think, and never had seen any of S1 before. WOW, the arc started a lot sooner than I expected it had.

Didn't do a whole lot this weekend, other than some laundry; we did take edgedancer out for his birthday dinner, delicious Ethiopian food, NOM. With that, I am on Day 14 of my diet (might as well call it what it is), down ten pounds, and desperately craving bread tonight. It's not Atkins, but it's a protein-intensive, calcium-rich, low-carb thing, with no real focus on number of calories but three solid meals plus a snack, lots of water and green tea, with most of the daily carbs in the morning. Really easy, on the whole, to follow, and this intense for only the first 17 days. I'm determined to get back into the majority of my clothes.

Last week I dropped into a state of self-pity which I feel guilty about calling "depression," since, compared to many of my friends and acquaintances, I do NOT have anything even approaching same; nonetheless, I was aching inside for some unspecified reason, which led to everything generally sucking (and the firm conviction that Romney is going to win in November), so I decided against posting any of my cloying self-pity and focused instead on playing Fallen London and trying to write. I have my entire plot prepared in my head, I know where it's going, but it's not going there. I did some research and read my friends' journals and tweeted some and mostly felt sorry for myself for a few days. It broke on Friday afternoon and proved to me that I'm just a whiner (although I'm still worried about the whole Romney thing).
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