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Happy 4th

No long-winded diatribes this year. Just have a good evening, where ever you are, and be safe. I hope no one is in the midst of any of the storms, power outages, or wildfires, and you and yours are all well!

Today I went in to work, and it was an odd day. There was work to do, but this is the first holiday we've worked where the post office actually didn't have anything for us, so it was a good catchup day. And honestly, if there's going to be a day when we don't get any mail, Wednesday (our smallest day) is the one. Tomorrow will be busy but not killingly so.

I've written about a thousand words on what I hope will be a short story, even marketable, provided I can actually keep it reasonably sized.

Speaking of writing, I've managed another update: nightmaresaloon Some people may have seen it, but I've tightened it up a little and made a few changes. I wrote it some years ago.

I can't stop typing two spaces between sentences. I seem to automatically type period-space-space. I'm trying.

Day Ten of no sugar (except for some fruit), very low carbs, high protein; I'm down nine pounds, but haven't come up with the extra energy promised. In fact, the last few days I've been decidedly draggy.

We're going to the Diamondbacks game tonight, with fireworks after -- a monsoon storm finally hit, bringing MUCH cooler temperatures and rain, behaving really more like a late autumn rainstorm than an actual monsoon; it came in the early morning and has been sprinkling on and off since around noon. It's almost five and it's not cleared up yet, although they said it should before the evening.

Fixing the stir-fry I made yesterday; learned that there IS a major difference between regular soy sauce and the light-salt stuff--bleah. So I've added a number of things, including broth and beans and more veggies, and it should be a nice soup, much less salty.
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