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Holy Freakin' Heck

I have been, on the whole, terribly useless today since I got home. I ran a clean Swiffer under the entertainment center and pulled out at least one whole cat (perhaps two), and there's still more; I took a flashlight and looked under there and can see at least fifty cat toys, dog toys, and misc dust bunny covered items which I fear will come after us in our sleep. Trouble is, I can't find the vacuum cleaner attachments (which is one of the reasons I was looking under furniture with a flashlight), so I have to try and poke things out with the Swiffer, but the multiplicity of wires under said entertainment center makes the whole prospect tricky.

That, and while I'm sitting down, it's reasonable in here, but if I start moving I realize how freaking hot it is. I have made stabs at cleaning the bathroom, and decided to finally get rid of my old curling irons, which I haven't used in YEARS and are covered in a thick layer of dust. Not to mention the box of permanent curlers, which haven't been used in EVEN LONGER.

ANYWAY, the rest of the Vegas trip was good. Mom won a thousand bucks after I went up to bed on Monday night and then promptly played it away, thereby assuring herself more of the comps she'd been trying for (three nights at the MGM, meals, and two shows for two came to about $230 total); she was happy, and that's why I go. We went to Fashion Square mall and looked around, rode the monorail, swam in the pool, and generally had a good time. Saw another Cirque show, Zumanity at New York New York. Funny, when we ordered the tickets the girl warned us how "erotic" it was and how "embarrassed" she would be going to it with her mother, but we went anyway -- to be honest, it was WAY more embarrassing watching Avenue Q with Mom ("You Can Be As Loud As the Hell You Want"). Zumanity was good as Cirque shows are, the aerobics and dancing was lovely, but honestly, is that all the mainstream finds erotic? Lots of tits and innuendo, somewhat vulgar language and playing with dildos? Meh. I've seen much more erotic things in fanfic (which I wouldn't want Mom to read).

Speaking of vulgar, I am tired of the word "Fuck" and want someone to come up with something better that isn't used as every other word by most people on the street (including what appears to be 12-year-olds). It's getting annoying and has totally lost any value as a word. I have spoken.

Then this morning while waiting in the airport, a woman sat next to me who called every person in her phone to talk to them, loudly, while she was waiting for her flight, telling them all about her cruise she was coming home from, the job she hated in Phoenix that she shouldn't have taken, and spent at least twenty minutes explaining menopause to her friend Connie, who was just starting going through it.

Speaking of menopause, mine appears to have stopped, and I am now going through puberty again.

The flight itself was uneventful, fast, good tailwinds, arrived ten minutes early, got my bag, met Barb and came home to find two cats and a dog, who have been more or less crashed all afternoon with me. I was watching the pile of Craig Ferguson episodes and fell asleep during one, missed at least two segments. Well. Nice to be home.

I have finally updated nightmaresaloon, #5 in the 100 Blog Posts. At this rate, I should finish by the time I'm 90.
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