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Notes to self:

1) When grilling sheshkabob, make sure to get them on the coals while it's still light outside. Can't see if the food is done in the dark.

2) Buy more than one package of skewers. Was forced to pan-fry the remaining shrimp and veggies (still good, but better on grill).

3) When tossing veggies onto hot oil in saute pan, do it away from you, rather than toward, thus avoiding nasty oil burn on arm.

Watched "Big Trouble in Little China" last night for the first time in many years. I'd forgotten how silly the dialog was. Still frickin' hilarious. Love that movie. Then my second purchase, "Something Wicked This Way Comes," which is also still a splendid film. Oddly, was able to show it after the wacky comedy without any ill effects, possibly because we all knew both films so well.

I'm watching an MS-NBC special about presidential elections past, and just discovered how very close it was between Gerald Ford and Ronald Reagan in the 1976 Republican Convention, so close they expected Ford to choose Reagan as running mate (or vice versa) -- of course, I was 12 at the time, so wasn't paying much attention. I was still young enough that I was still Republican just because Dad was, but even I knew Ford was unlikely to win because of the whole pardoning Nixon thing. Makes me wonder how the last few decades may have played out had Reagan hit the White House four years earlier. (I always love historical "what ifs.")

Ah, now they've moved on to 1984, my first presidential election (I turned 18 in '82). But then, I was a Democrat.
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