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Las Vegas, and it's HOT

First thing on the agenda: Happy birthday, cornerofmadness!

You would hate Vegas right now. It is VILE outside, blazingly hot, barely a breeze, and nothing but blinding sunlight. My mother up and decides suddenly to walk from New York to the Bellagio, and of course I left my hat in the room.

Then we come back to the room after finally making our way back down the Strip, I turn on the television to some mindless entertainment (in the form of innocuous sit-com), she comes out, grabs the remote, and puts on a nitro-burning drag race. WTF, Mom?!?!?

I have no idea what else we'll do. She was wearing out outside in the sun, but now she wants to get going again (sigh), despite the fact she's been up since 10 pm our time (her flight was 6:30 out of Orlando, and she drove up from Vero to get to the airport on time).

Found out why MGM is getting rid of the classic movie great posters in the rooms -- apparently they were being constantly STOLEN (people would take down the frames and pull the posters), so that's part of the reason for the plain sofa art that's in the rooms now. The new beds are certainly comfortable. I'm ready to sleep in them NOW.

Mom wants to go again.
Tags: damn it's hot, vegas
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