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Humor in arctic drilling.

If you're flying, dear God, don't check your luggage. And this is only ONE horror story. Check out the last few days of the Bloggess's tweets. It makes me worry about flying, even on Southwest (whom I generally trust -- so far, at least).

I also had some various hot-under-the-collar commentary about the Republican War on Women, but just check out the NY Times or Wil Wheaton's blog for further (and more eloquent) overviews on that.

This has actually been a fairly relaxing week, but I've spent most of my time at home actually puttering around the house or reading tweets, as well as playing the cursed Fallen London. I finished reading the Bloggess's book, "Let's Pretend This Never Happened," which was hilarious and poignant; and now I'm reading several things at once. I actually made it to the gym THREE times this week (woot, new high!), although the problems and mistakes continue apace. I am officially "the voice" of our entire department and believe me, I sometimes re-write emails three and four times -- otherwise I would snap out "We're staffed almost entirely by inexperienced and uncaring temps because Corporate decided that was a good idea so stop expecting them to KNOW WHAT THEY'RE DOING!!!"

I'm going to spend a few days in Vegas with Mom starting Sunday, flying out way too early in the morning but it should be nice. Staying at MGM again; I almost dread seeing more of the remodeling, because I don't care for what I've seen so far, but hey, who can stop "progress"? :P Then we'll see what we'll do with the rest of the week, since I went ahead and took it off, so I could just GET AWAY, even if we just stay home and go hiking at Dreamy Draw.

I actually did some writing, but nothing worthy of posting yet. Sigh.
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