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She Just Doesn't Get It

I sit here on a lazy Saturday afternoon watching bad made-for-SyFy shark attack movies, and my wife makes rude comments, as in when I said, "DinoShark?!? This has to rock!" and she replied, "You need to replace the letters R-O with S-U."

But I'll switch back and forth for the Belmont Stakes coming up here.

We didn't climb too much today, but did go over some of the lower trails, maybe two miles or so. Good morning walk. Lots of bikers out this morning.

I finally updated the writing blog, nightmaresaloon, although my actual "writing" has been pretty lame lately. In the wake of the great Ray Bradbury's passing, I am trying to get back to writing every day, as he recommended.

Speaking of Ray Bradbury, I loved this article, actually the Coda written for Fahrenheit 451 for a re-release in 1979. I loved him tremendously and I haven't read nearly enough of his work (or recently -- I read most of what I did read back in college, but it STAYED with me).
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