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Just This Side of a Waste of Space

Friday night Barb and I went out on a date night to see Dark Shadows, which I enjoyed a great deal, although I am aware of its MASSIVE shortcomings (well, I tell myself, it IS based on a soap opera); at the very least it is the best of Burton's movies based on someone else's story (IMO, he has a real bad track record with those), and I enjoyed it tremendously anyway. Depp was fantastic (well, duh), and so was Michelle Pfeiffer. Almost a waste of Helena Bonham Carter and Jackie Earle Haley, but they were both pretty awesome with what screen time they had.

Since the weather is delightful this weekend, we decided it was a great time to really roll out the Tiki Bar and have a grand cookout, but some folks didn't even bother to let us know they wouldn't be coming, and poor sillymagpie was sick, so it wasn't quite what I was hoping, although the ribs did come out delicious, with good potato salad and awesome corn-on-the-cob. But I am half-tempted to just not be here on random Saturdays... *tired of being taken for granted*

After several months of nothing, I am having a period like I used to have when I was in college, heavy flow and BAD cramps. It even woke me up the other night, they were so bad. WTF, body?

But on the good side again, we took the dog out to the mountain park and hiked at least two and a half miles, up over the saddle, and it was a great walk! Weather's gonna be warmer today, but it was nice this morning and it actually seems to have worn out our Uber-Active dog, who has been collapsed ever since we got back. It also made me feel generally better, both mentally (I was somewhat depressed this morning when I got up, and had been since last night) and physically. Sometimes, hard as it is to exercise, it DOES do a body good!

OMG, Fallen London. Come play. :)
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