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I Am A Very Bad Blogger

I haven't been posting much; in fact, I haven't been doing very much of ANYTHING lately, other than reading tweets and playing Fallen London, a dangerously addicting web game my wife the pusher got me into. I've been TRYING to write and TRYING to do other things, but it just hasn't been coming. I think I'm going through one of those fallow periods after a long stretch of activity.

Been trying to do some more reading, though; I love my Kindle SO MUCH (*hearts* nutmeg3). I'm reading The Jungle Books for the first time, and the other day at lunch a woman I know at work asked what I was reading. Since she's a reader, as well, I didn't think anything of saying "The Second Jungle Book." "What?" "The Second Jungle Book." "Like Disney?" "No, like the Jungle Books. By Kipling." "Rudyard Kipling." I must have gotten a little wild-eyed, because she gave me the "Settle down, I just asked." "I guess I figured a reader would just know who Rudyard Kipling was!" Sometimes it's hard to remember these kids I work with are just kids... (This after various questions like "Who's Davy Jones?" "Who's Neil Diamond?" "Who's Paul McCartney...? Oh, you mean James McCartney's father.")

Of course, I knew who James McMurtry was before I ever read any of his father's novels...

The other day I thought to myself, "I thought Jesus said that it was all right to break all the religious laws if it were in the service of helping someone else." I think Catholic hospitals have forgotten that part of the teachings.

Weight goes down, weight goes up. Nothing's changed there.

A new favorite picture of Churro:

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