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Things That Happened

Jiminy, there's a lot of friends' posts to catch up on when I miss a day or so of reading ElJay. Yikes. So I read through, but did not make any comments -- I'm not ignoring anyone, just busy.

Yesterday I thought I'd have time to catch up with stuff, and I came home and settled in after a nice little dinner to do just that, and THEN remembered that last night we had tickets to the Limited Release of the newly restored and remastered Yellow Submarine up at Desert Ridge. Yikes! We got Bo walked and drove up to the theatre in plenty of time, however, and settled in to enjoy -- and enjoy we did. It's a long way to go on a week night, but it was a special occasion. The restoration is lovely -- the colors are astoundingly bright now (it was all done by hand, frame-by-frame, not on computer), and the remastered soundtrack is amazing. It sounded great. It was pretty well attended, there were a few empty seats, but not many.

Mostly it's been work (still on overtime), which is going along a little better (knock wood), but still isn't completely smooth yet; and dealing with trying to train claim reps over the phone on the new system (don't they train these people?!?), trying to calm people when their stuff isn't turning up or has obviously been lost, and so on and so forth. Busy, busy, busy. Will be at work again tomorrow. (Blah.)

Did get in a few workouts this week. Was pleased with that.

Am now making black bean soup.
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