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So yesterday we had a great day, up early and out to hike at Dreamy Draw (a natural pocket of desert in the center of town, tucked behind Squaw Piestewa Peak. Despite the lack of rain this year, everything is in bloom, including the gorgeous ironwood tree, which neither of us recognized and I had to look up. This is rare, since Barb usually knows every plant that grows in the Sonoran Desert.

Then lounged all evening out at the Tiki Bar with a lot of food and margaritas, chatter and Super Moon.

But on the whole, I have been very tired this weekend. I woke up yesterday with not just a STIFF neck, but with what felt like a solid band of knotted muscle running from shoulder to shoulder that took several doses of Tylenol and a day of movement and stretching to ease out completely. (And then a lot of margaritas.) Today I'm little more than a lazy lump sitting here eating chips & dip and ice cream and watching old episodes of Torchwood.

Torchwood would have been a great, great show if it had lived up to that promise of "the 21st Century is when it all changes, and we have to be ready," instead of just being about five dysfunctional people slouching their way through messy, soapy lives. I would have minded the dysfunction or the soap if the stories hadn't been forced into a back seat for it. RTD's penchant for over-the-top melodrama turned dashing Captain Jack into a mopey whiner (although in the episodes I saw there were flashes of who he was, now and then). I think that's the main reason I want to see Jack come back for the Doctor Who 50th. Steven Moffat created Captain Jack; he might be able to bring him back (although after all that Jack's been through, that might be asking a lot--to be fair, I haven't seen Miracle Day yet, so the last time I saw Jack, he was getting over the death of Ianto and his own grandson by flirting with Alonzo...). Torchwood did always have some great, snappy dialogue.


May. 9th, 2012 12:18 am (UTC)
The Peak and most of the associated names were changed years ago, when Janet Napolitano was Gov.; she caved to the far left who were whining about how "offensive" the term was to Native Americans (forgetting entirely it was a perfectly reasonable ALGONQUIN word for "wife" and focusing only on it having been used by Europeans in a derogatory fashion), so they skipped the five-year waiting period for renaming monuments and named it after Lori Piestewa, a Hopi soldier who died (in an accident) in Iraq. The Parkway is likewise Piestewa Peak Parkway, but we still live by Squaw Peak Lanes (the bowling alley).

While I can understand Hopi and Navajo being annoyed at it being an Algonquin term, I think there are hundreds of heroic Arizona natives who could have gotten this kind of honor, not the least of whom was Isaac Hayes, rather than a woman who was driving a truck in the wrong place and just happened to be the first Native American Woman to die in a combat situation.

Pardon my ranty pants. :)

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