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Weekly Wrapup

On the whole, I'm glad I decided to give Grimm a second try. It's been a fun show, although I kind of chuckle at the sheer number of supernatural beasties inhabiting Portland, Oregon. I will say that at least, unlike Sunnydale, it's a major city and not a small town for the few "normal humans" to turn a blind eye to all the weird shit going on.

That said, still love Once Upon A Time, too. Nice of ABC to keep a supernatural show on for me and not cancel it halfway through a storyline. Although I do wonder about this being an open-ended American show; without some kind of payoff it's going to start really dragging. I hope they have a clear vision for an ending (happy or otherwise).

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It has been a week since my last post. Where did the week go? Hmmm. Let's see. More overtime, although I decided NOT to work yesterday -- two Saturdays in a row was sufficient, and it's very likely we'll have to work next Saturday. I would love to whine and wail about the idiocy of Corporate thinking, but I discovered this week I actually care a bit about my work and it's apparently making me rather cranky when I see what Corporate minds are doing to something I care about. In the meantime, overtime overtime, and at least that means I'll have a little spending money while I'm paying off Idris.

Did accomplish a few things this week; some cleaning was done and laundry was done and right now am cleaning the oven (self-cleaning technology, woot). Only a tiny bit of writing. A lot of reading, yay. Not a single stop at the gym, boo. More weight gain, another boo, although I'm trying to eat better, even if I can't exercise. (Emphasis on "trying.")

That said, I'm thinking about wings. Spicy. Buffalo. Wings. I'm peckish.

Now Fringe. I still have 19 episodes of Craig backed up. Everything else is caught up.
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