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Good golly, I have to make sure never to go several days without checking LiveJournal. My friends have all been posting merrily away while I...






Although it seems to me it wasn't that long ago I last posted, it's just been an excruciatingly long week, and yesterday was about four days of it. I was dead tired all day long and the day never did seem to end. I went to bed around eight or so, and then the cat woke me up at nine and, whenever that happens, I can't get back to sleep again. At least, not easily. So my brain meandered around annoyingly through disconnected scenes, some set early on, some set much later, in no coherent order whatsoever, until I must have finally drifted off, because I woke up just before the alarm went off and I felt much better today.

I will finish this book, dang it.

Several Christmas presents arrived in the mail today. Yay! :) Yesterday at Osco I saw the cutest little, tiny, kid-sized leather biker jackets, complete with zippers and buckles, for not-too-much-money, and I thought about our 2-year-old nephew. Must go back and check the price again. There were a couple of other things there that sparked my fancy, not the least of which is they still have those summer margarita glasses I so liked but couldn't get during the summer, only now they're on clearance -- but should I buy things for me at this time of year?

For those of you who've seen the "This Land" political parody cartoon (and even those who haven't but wish to), the website www.jibjab.com has a new cartoon up, "D.C. Land," which is another laugh riot. Recommended!

I thought about doing the "what I've done" meme that's going around, but it's very long and... well, other things.
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