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Haven't Been Doing Much

I got back to the gym this week, since overtime finally was scaled back... apparently just in time, as next week, BACK TO OVERTIME. I'll TRY to keep with my workout, because I definitely a) feel better, and b) will look better. I haven't done much with my eating habits, however; lately it seems I'm satisfied by very small meals, but seem to need a LOT of them -- I'm hungry constantly, even if I've been full not a half-hour before. I naturally make wrong choices when I'm hungry. I found this week I can avoid the hungries by a high-protein breakfast, such as a couple of hard-boiled eggs, but for some reason this week they were giving me serious heartburn. /TMI

Watching shows set in New York makes me think about how much I didn't get to see -- Tiffany's, NYC at night (the Great White Way all in lights!), those cemeteries in Brooklyn and the Bronx, the Bronx at ALL (Yankee Stadium!), parts of Harlem (we did ride the bus past the Apollo coming back from Connecticut), any Broadway show... I hope I get to go back someday.

Last night on Person of Interest Finch had to bug a room which had only an emergency outgoing security mic, and he said he could use it to spy on the room by "reversing the polarity." I laughed.

I'm loving my little car. I drove her for two weeks, not sure about how much mileage (about halfway through I figured out how to reset the "this trip" counter), but I filled up today for a grand total of $31.50 -- an equal amount of driving in the truck probably would have run around $80, but I'll keep track on this fillup.

Otherwise, I have done next to nothing. No writing of note, little more than reading LJ and Twitter, some cleaning, and mostly laying around like a lump, wishing I were articulate, witty, or erudite. So far, none of the above.

This is cool.

I tweeted to David Copperfield that I liked his ads for my insurance company and he thanked me. I love Twitter.
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