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Hey, WOW

Someone from the Dwight Yoakam email list I'm on just popped up on my Facebook page, so I friended her back and she said she'd been thinking about me because she was reading the new Dwight biography and read my quote. WHAT?!? Apparently they quoted my interview with Pete Anderson! How very spiffy! Now I guess I have to buy the book after all. :)

And of course just as I need to economize, I wander onto Amazon and find a couple dozen CDs and DVDs I'd like, all manner of Broadway DVDs I didn't know they'd issued (including the one of Company I'd hoped was out there). Bumped into some old ones I knew about but had forgotten, too, like Pippin, which I haven't seen in YEARS. Wish list was just seriously updated.

I have moved my writing journal here <-- now maybe I should figure out how to really personalize LJ or something instead of using the available themes... I hadn't updated my TypePad one in ages because I've been sort of dry lately, but I've been forcing myself to put a few words down the last few nights, and hopefully I'll do something updatey on the new LJ.
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