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Things I Did Today

I was cranky when I went to bed, because my hip was starting to hurt again and I just felt out of sorts -- woke up several times in the night because we have a dog who needs to check on us every few hours and cats who like to walk on the iHome alarm clock which turns its light on and makes it beep, then finally dragged myself out of bed around eight, and hip/back hurt like crazy, but I stretched and forced myself out to get some of the yard work done I've been putting off, but we ran out of garbage bags, so I only filled two with leaves and deadfall citrus (yes, we throw away a lot of fruit... it happens when you have four big trees); there's still several piles I couldn't get done, though.

Then it was time to go test drive another Cube. Long of the short is... meet Idris:

I fortunately brought Barb with me, whose shrewd calculations kept them from charging me too much with the extended certified warranty, and just beneath the loan pre-approval I got from my office Credit Union. As you can see from the picture, I did not trade in the truck, as we decided to keep it; I have to go to my agent this week and find out about adding Idris to the policy.

So I figured I'm going to be a little tight for cash for several months while I pay off the personal loan that fixed said truck, but after that should be fine, especially since Idris gets roughly twice the gas mileage of White Lightning, which should save me nearly $100 a month to help pay the car payment.

After I brought her home, I played around with getting to know the interior a little, and drove to the store to pick up a few things, loving driving her! At $3.86 a gallon, it took $29.95 to fill her up from what looked like a little less than quarter of a tank (last time I filled up White Lightning, she took $58.00 on a little over half a tank...).

Barb's still sick, my back hurts and so does my head (low-grade sinus headache all day0, but I'm feeling FAR less cranky.

I'd better sleep tonight. (Glares at dog, who is sleeping peacefully on the sofa.)
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