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Am Nefarious

Bo is certain I've done Something Terrible to Barb, because after searching the house thoroughly for her and finding her not (because she is in Seattle), he settled down and stared at me with a vague look of studied alarm before finally settling down somewhat, but now he's jumping at every little sound, ears upright.

I dropped Barb off at the airport this morning; while it has been raining on and off since late Saturday, it was rather a shocker when I stopped at Circle K on my way from the airport to work, and it was HAILING. So it was hovering around 85 degrees all of last week, and will be so again by Thursday, but in the meantime, it's startlingly cold for mid-March, to the point where all the Illinois folks who flew in for the Cubs' spring training game on Sunday were distressed by the fact that it was, in fact, warmer in Chicago.

Bo got up and is now watching the door. He glanced at me and wandered off into the dining room, then came back into the living room and looked outside, where he can see her car in the driveway. Doggie confusion.

So anyway, after work I took the truck and Bo down to the garage, dropped off the truck and walked Bo back home. Or he kinda dragged me -- walking up the canal is apparently "OMG I MUST SEE EVERYTHING!" for him.

On Sunday I was taken with the desire to find a Shamrock tablecloth on clearance, so we went places to find one, but there wasn't a St. Patrick's Day ANYTHING anywhere, so we went downstairs to Last Chance (the Nordstrom's outlet) and I bought a pair of Coach boots (COACH! For fifty bucks!) and a pair of grey crochet-top Uggs, both of which I love. I wanted a pair of the Ugg tennies (I have more sneakers than Ellen), but I couldn't find the ones I liked in my size -- there were sparkly gold and sparkly pink ones, both of which were AWESOME, but honestly, where would I wear them? (Once in a great while I CAN be practical.)

I'm tempted to go back and see if they have any more of those sneakers out, though. I know there's some serious turnover in their stock...

Now Bo is circled up on the sofa, WATCHING me.
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