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If It's Not One Thing...

So this weekend we did another fun tiki bar evening, then Sunday went up to the Dreamy Draw park for a hike, then came home, planted roses, cleaned, did mom's shopping, and finally collapsed -- good weekend!

No overtime yet this week, YAY.

I stopped at Home Depot yesterday to get some more reed fencing for the backyard and a plant stand for my basil, which we got at Costco Saturday (it really was a busy weekend), and then... the rear window on the truck wouldn't go up. Yes, the new mechanism lasted a good year, and my mechanic did say they had a hard time finding it and it probably wouldn't last, but... sigh. It couldn't have stopped with the window UP? So I left a note with my mechanic to look for the parts again and hopefully will be able to get it done next week while Barb is in Seattle so I can drive her car while the truck's in the shop. *SIGH*

I'm sure I had more to post about but can't think of anything useful.
Tags: car repairs, weekend
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