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Weekly Review


Monday I worked 5am-5pm. Came home, walked out with Bo and Barb, had dinner, went to bed. Tuesday I worked 5am-3:30pm, stopped to pick up a few things at Target, didn't get home until after 5 anyway. Walked, had dinner, and went to bed. Wednesday I worked 5am-4:30pm, there was an accident on the freeway on the way home, so didn't get home until later than expected, did not walk; had dinner and went to bed. Thursday worked 5am-3:30pm, went for my massage, got home and decided to collapse, but made Brinner (Breakfast for Dinner), and went to bed.

I've been fortunate most everything has been in reruns this week. I barely remembered my uncle's birthday and hastily sent him a card (late, that's why I stopped at Target)--which, oddly enough, would have also been my father's 90th birthday, were he still alive.

And my mother's birthday is fast approaching--I remembered, but got her presents from Amazon a little late for them to show up on time, although I could have actually paid for shipping, I suppose. I shopped a little for other March birthdays, but couldn't find anything I liked that I could afford.

Mostly this week has been work. I hope that we figure something out soon--I mean, the overtime isn't mandatory (yet), but I really have liked the extra money. I have done no writing, very little reading, and not nearly as much television as usual. Meant to post more than once, but obviously haven't.

But now it's Friday.
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