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Debates, cookies, and geeky delight

I entered one of those wacky world of geek happiness today. A couple of weeks ago I was cleaning out my desk drawers and I found my old watch, one I haven't worn since just after college, I think. Well, I've been looking for a nice silver watch and I figured, why not just get a battery for this old one? I stopped wearing it largely because my wrist had gotten too fat, and now, well, I found I had to adjust the band in about three notches to make it fit. So, anyway, I got the battery in, and... oh, BOY! It's a DIGITAL! I haven't had a digital watch in so long I forgot how cool they are. I found myself happily looking at it and watching the seconds tick by all day. Just like Dent, Arthur Dent. Seems there's nothing at all wrong with a nearly 20-year-old $12 Timex. (I think it was around $12. I got it to replace my older, even cooler Timex that had been my high school graduation present but had a badly cracked crystal.)

Tonight I'm making cookies for our "farewell party" tomorrow, saying goodbye to Mark (sadness), Bill (also sadness), and Jennifer (yay!). Unfortunately, I'm quite tired, my feet hurt, and my stomach feels very blah. Seems when I eat, it hurts, and when I don't eat, it hurts. Food doesn't really seem to affect (effect? Dang) it one way or the other. I suppose I should talk to my doctor, once I scrape up money for a co-pay. I'm considering changing my HMO -- Aetna would save me about $50 a month over PacifiCare, according to our office intranet site.

Tonight's debate was not so cheering as last week's. Evil he might be, Dick Cheney is also intelligent and a good speaker, and he's also slippery as an eel and impossible for even a world-class litigator to pin down. Edwards fell back on his charm and ability to persuade, and I have to hope that's sufficient to consider him the "winner." Not sure, though. With Edwards' closing statement, I understood why he made millions in the courtroom. If I'd been a juror hearing one of his defenses, I would have been falling all over myself to award his client pretty much anything.
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