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Doin' nothin', Eatin' Well

Today is the first day of February, and I took this picture:

Stupid trees all in bloom. Although apparently they say it's been a pretty normal January, only a degree or two warmer than "normal."


SuperbOwl weekend, and I'm watching the Best of SuperbOwl commercials, my favorite part. Looks like Budweiser's gonna have another winner (always like their Clydesdale spots!). This year Mom didn't get to the casino enough to build up her VIP points, so we didn't get an invite to the big SuperbOwl party at MGM, darn it. We'll go in a couple weeks so she can gamble and see if she can get some comps later.

OMG, there's a Ferris Bueller mockup ad for the Honda CRV... with Matthew Broderick. I may have to watch the whole game just to see that ad.

While I've been ripping and enjoying music I hadn't listened to in ages, I've come to the realization that there are a number of songs I've known since high school which I actually don't know the lyrics to (I'm lookin' at you, Bowie).

Today I ate extremely well, leaning heavily on steamed vegetables with a few hard-boiled eggs for breakfast protein and a chicken thigh for dinner, dry roasted without skin. Have also made the discovery that steamed crimini mushrooms with just a pinch of salt are the most delicious things EVER.

I also made it to the gym! YAY, me! Thirty minutes on the ellipsis, reps on the chest and back machines, and then a cooldown on the treadmill.

Realized there's a LOT of pictures I never uploaded from my little camera, including a lot from the ship.

This is the remaining piece of the historical Tempe Bridge (I'm not sure of the real name), which was torn down many years ago when the new bridge was built:

It's at the Tempe Beach Park, near where the train bridge still is. If I wasn't so lazy I'd get up and find my Phoenix history book and get the actual details...
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