Kats (wildrider) wrote,

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Ice Cream Madness

I was deeply, deeply, DEEPLY saddened to discover last night that the yummy-looking chocolatey ice cream I'd bought was in fact chocolate mocha. :( I don't like the taste of coffee, at all. No matter how sweet it is. So there's a half-gallon that I don't want. Fortunately, rahirah said it's "yummy," so hopefully someone will eat it. It was on sale. SIGH.

I probably didn't need ice cream last night, anyway.

I spent a lot of the check I got on Friday, but I did manage to get a few Christmas presents taken care of (you can boo if you want, I eagerly wait for the days when I can start buying presents), hair cuts for both me and my gal, and a couple of useless items I desperately NEEDED. Really, I did.
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