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And so, weight

So yesterday I was very good, eating carefully, and the same today. I have not been able to get over to the gym for a real workout, but I did at least do some various reps at home. Not a lot, but getting there.

Made a slaw: Purple cabbage, carrots, onion, grated together and mixed with a little garlic olive oil, a cilantro dressing, some salt, pepper, and onion powder.

Am having a little snack attack, but am fighting it.

On Sunday night I took my wife out to see They Might Be Giants. It's a college-aimed venue with no seating (concrete floor good for moshing, apparently), which seemed an odd fit for a cerebral 80's geek-rock band, but it was a relaxed, laid-back crowd with a lot of convention-style clothing (goths; t-shirts from Woot!, ThinkGeek, etc.), and they were great. Jonathan Coulton opened and he was pretty awesome, too. Had a great time.

Then yesterday I'm not sure where the day went, but I suddenly noticed I hadn't read LJ in two days. And apparently everything I read posted at least once yesterday, perhaps more. So I did a little skimming, a little commenting, and wow, a lot of nifty pictures on photo_scavenger! I have to upload some of the ones I've taken recently.
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