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Not Everyone in Arizona is Freakishly Insane, Honest

Yes, our governor is a whack-job, the sheriff of our most populous county is a lunatic, and there are mobs of gun-nuts lobbying for guns on college campuses and concealed carry in bars and they got pictures of guys using semi-automatics to shoot pictures of the president, but REALLY... there are sane people here.

Something better:

I find it interesting there are no scenes of Doctor Six during his section, and no actual video clips from Doctor Eight's movie (just sound), and they left out Curse of the Fatal Death from the Extras (something many people noted in the comments), and I couldn't help but notice all the clips from S3 leave out any visuals of Martha (a lot of companions get skipped over), but it's very cool.

We had to drive the new car around today, and despite the fact we didn't really need very much and didn't seem to BUY very much, I spent too much money. Went to the Goodwill for the 50% off Saturday, and a freaking size 14 jeans are too tight... I need to get serious about dropping enough weight so my stupid clothes fit.

Fell asleep watching some Tivo stuff... good thing it was an episode I'd seen.
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