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Busy Busy Busy Week

Okay, I had plans this week. They didn't include 10 hours of overtime and a serious car accident (my wife, not me). So I managed only one workout and some bad eating, so weight loss is once again curtailed (and I seem to have gained back what little I HAD lost, if not more... sigh).

I'm still forgetting everything I think of that I want to say -- I told myself this afternoon to jot it down and email myself from work, but the prideful part of me said, "No, I'll remember." I don't.

Wednesday I got to the gym, worked out, then came home to get caught up on things, and just as I sat down to clean out my email, Barb called about the accident. I gathered up the dog and my purse and drove over to the accident scene; the paramedics were there, but I beat the cops. They arrived shortly later to take information and start cleaning up the intersection. In my opinion it's a pretty clear-cut case of "not Barb's fault," but since neither insurance company is mine I can't say how they're going to handle it. There's at least a phone call from the Gecko (other lady's company) on the machine here today for Barb. I realized on Thursday I should have brought my camera -- it was an impressive-looking accident and I think both of them got off REALLY lucky. If you could see what Barb's Taurus looked like, you'd be amazed she only has sore arms and a bruised boob. :)

Anyway, I thought to try again for the gym on Thursday, but Barb wanted to go look at cars, and besides, apparently there was an accident on I-10 and I couldn't have gotten up to my gym anyway (it took about three times as long to get home as it should have), so we went out and she drove a couple of vehicles and bought the blue one (see her own blog for that news). It's a cute little car! I am jealous. I shall probably be driving my ol' White Lightning when I'm shrunk up too small to see over the dashboard.

Anyway, I was totally exhausted when we got back home, but we walked Bo and then went out for burgers because it was getting late and we were both starving.

I'm exhausted again today. I thought about just going to bed now, but I started marinading the chicken for a noodle stir-fry and Silhouette is demanding I give him something he WANTS to eat (annoyingly enough, most expensive high-quality cat foods just do not thrill this boy; he totally ignored the Innova I just gave him).

I was given the best raise I've gotten in years, with a very, very pleasant merit increase and rather enormous performance cash. That will help a LOT toward paying for our new furniture. YAY!!!

I think I want to spend the bulk of this weekend sitting on my butt, writing and catching up on Tivo. Yeah.
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