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Wasting A Saturday

So we got up and headed out to far east Mesa this morning to get a set of wrought-iron Tiki torches which someone had up on Craigslist. Since we were on that side of the world, we stopped at Lee Lee's Market, which specializes in Asian food of all types. I got some noodles which are purple; Barb guesses they are Taro, but without framefolly I have lost my Lee Lee's translator and there's no English on the label. :)

Enjoy this:

Now we're just lazing around after eating pork buns from the freezer section at Lee Lee's with plum sauce (quite tasty!).

I can't find the sock pattern I started, so my test sock, which I started to practice before using the good sock yarn, sits unfinished and I have completely forgotten where I am.

Am now watching more Steve Martin videos on YouTube (it's not every banjo player who can hold his own with Earl Scruggs on "Foggy Mountain Breakdown"). How can I do that and update my journal, you ask? Well, my new Tivo streams YouTube, and it's actually seriously faster than watching it on the computer, except for the search function, which takes a little longer because I can't type, not having a keyboard for the television. (It's rather fun watching Simon's Cat and Maru videos on a 42-inch screen...)

We still have to pick up a few things. Maybe I should get up and do something.

Or not.

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