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Frickin' Frackin' Indepensible Technology...

So, last night I did in fact discover I could download my corrupted songs again for free. Nice Apple. And I still got my two free credits, so I did that, and then plugged in my iPod to sync. BUZZ. No such luck. I've been getting an error message, which I Googled, and found that many people with the Classic 160-Gig iPod have the same error, and when it's out of warranty (i.e., over a year old), then the easiest way to fix it is to have the computer "scan and fix" it. Alas, I didn't discover I was having the problem AGAIN (it's happened before) until iTunes had wiped everything off my iPod. SO. I had to try again, but the scan itself takes over an hour, and then it has to sync my nearly 12,000 songs (plus a few videos and podcasts) and photos. This it has been doing now for another hour, and it's on song 7,500.

So I had to dig my little shuffle out of my gym bag so I would have tunes at work today.

Then I came home and Tivo wasn't talking to the network, so I had to reset THAT, too.

And alas, these are simply things I cannot live without...

I have to work tomorrow, but I'm only going in for the minimum 4 hours -- that way I get some overtime and still have my Saturday. But I am tired, very tired; I couldn't get out of bed this morning, and now I seem to have a headache.

I want my brain to start working.

I need some names for my Geek story. I know my main characters, but they have their game characters and then there's the villain of the piece...
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