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Really? REALLY?

Seriously, how is it January 12 already? I had meant to do some posting on the 8th (Elvis's 77th Birthday, natch), but somehow the day escaped without postage.

I have spent the days catching up with things I put off for no apparent reason, like getting up with my writers' group critiques (it's becoming quite a challenge as the group gains more non-genre, article-writing, non-fiction folks; not only am I only marginally interested in their work, they neither like nor understand genre, so occasionally their comments aren't as helpful as one might hope).

So I got that done and went on with edits/rewrites on Ring of Fire, and THINK I have an idea for a Geeks Unite! story, provided getting sucked into one's online roleplaying game hasn't been done to death. (Opinions?)

A delightful bedtime poem:

Recently I came over with a desire to hear some music I hadn't heard in a long long while, to wit, early Neil Diamond, whom I adored in college (before he became an Easy Listening icon). I was watching the Kennedy Center Honors and listened to some of that stuff and thought, "I may need to hear those again." Well, dang, if Hot August Night isn't as good as I remembered it being, if not better, when he was an experimental and somewhat disaffected fringe indie rocker. (Rather like both Billy Joel and Elton John.) Also downloaded a "Best of" collection. I think I need to replace all of my old albums digitally.

I did, however, have a problem with the downloads from iTunes, in that two of the tracks appear to be corrupted -- I submitted the problem to Apple and was given two credits good for two new downloads, but they've said nothing to me about replacing the corrupt ones. I want my albums intact.

Also picked up my knitting again.

Still working a great deal of overtime. They keep SAYING it'll settle down, but this weekend the final and largest region comes online with the consolidation (New York/Northeast Coast)... so we shall see. They keep saying we have to "finish our own queues, then help Central/East," but so far, finishing our own queues is keeping us plenty busy, and then some.

AM working out again, but as of this morning have not lost any weight (this may be due to the amount of candy I'm still sucking down post-holidays, bad-Kathy).
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