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Country music and such

Okay, I've done six of the eight reviews I need to do this week, but I may be able to put off the last two until next week, since Moody Bluegrass -- A Nashville Tribute to the Moody Blues arrived like two weeks late. Which is strange, since Rounder Records is usually very prompt. Now, bluegrass versions of rock/pop songs can either be done really silly (see: Hayseed Dixie) or done very well (see: Dwight Yoakam's Train in Vain); this one falls into the latter category, although there are a couple of the Blues' sixties hip songs that don't translate well into bluegrass, such as "I'm Just A Singer In A Rock & Roll Band."

I'm putting some important little scenes into "the book," so, no, it's not done. I'm still puttering about the ending, but I'm sure I'll get it here shortly. I still need to do some illustrations, and I tried to pick up a pencil this last weekend and found I couldn't draw worth a damn. This bodes ill for a story wherein I don't even know what species the main character is and what he looks like. I'll see if I can get focused this weekend. What I may have to do is find a closeup picture of someone I like and do a copy-portrait, because that's my strength and it might free up my hand.

I dreamed last night I was playing guitar again. I think my subconscious is trying to tell me to PRACTICE. I've already lost my calluses again.

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