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Christmas & Boxing Day

And so, a lovely Christmas. My mother, despite having given me the entire freakin' cruise and a ton of stuff therein, apparently went to the Coach outlet and sent me a wallet with a check in it -- and she neglected to remove the price tag from inside. Even at an outlet price (half off), that wallet's price made Barb say "Jesus fucking Christ" in front of her mother...

My mom. I called her to say thank you but had to leave a message, since she wasn't home.

We went out yesterday to check and see if there were any sales, but found nothing that inspired us to actually spend any money. I was tempted by a lovely Lenox dip dish with spreader at Macy's, but there was only one of them, and I hadn't deposited my Christmas money yet -- so today, since I was still thinking about it, I went to the Lenox website and found the same dish for slightly less than Macy's sale price, and I ordered two of them. Yay.

Other than that, it was a wash, sales-wise; I mean, there were a lot of things I wanted at Macy's, but even sale prices were more than I wanted to spend, while Ross had good prices but nothing I really wanted. Sears had nothing. There were a few things I liked at Target, but nothing too exciting, except the horde of Doctor Who fans I bumped into, who squealed at my TARDIS tee-shirt (they had some awesome shirts, as well), and there was a moment of Geek bonding.

Today was back to work, same as usual.

I have started working on Ring of Fire again. Maybe this year I can get someone interested in it. Mmmm.

Eagerly looking forward to New Year's Eve!
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