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I'm going to assume it's going to be a little while before I hear from Mom... again. I learned this morning that overnight Jeanne hit right AT Vero Beach. (sigh) Since they said power was down for everyone, I don't know if I can even contact my pal Lin in West Palm Beach this time, until it's back up. At least Mom doesn't live in a mobile home. The pictures coming out of Vero are just horrible. There are trees laying around everywhere, the streets are rivers, and mobile homes are flattened.

I really feel for all those folks down there. The worst thing that can happen out here is a power outage during a monsoon storm, leaving one without air conditioning for a few hours (and that hasn't happened in something like three or four years). The last time a microburst hit our neighborhood, all it did to these old masonry houses was knock down a couple of trees (the big pine tree pulled down the power lines, and a jacaranda tree landed on a neighbor's car) and throw some of the stuff on our porch up against the fence. Our trees came out fine.

Well, for everyone in Florida, I'm hoping for the best for y'all. At least this is bound to be the end (knock wood) of the hurricane season.
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